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Mentoring Means Being Present for the Mentee

A story about Family, Child and Senior Services featuring Catholic Charities Diocese of Albany

Eddy is a 72 year old mentor to "Scott," a 17 year old high school senior. Scott is being raised by a single mother who suffers from several chronic illnesses. They live in subsidized housing and have no transportation. Scott was in the chorus at school and had a solo in the last concert of the school year (and last of his high school career as well). Scott is not involved in any sports, or other school activities. He has very few friends and his only recreational activity is when Eddy brings Scott out for their weekly meeting. For the concert, Scott's mother was too ill to attend so Eddy had transported Scott there. Scott, having just finished his solo, came into the Cafeteria where Eddy was waiting for him and gave Eddy a huge embrace. He was so genuinely happy to see Eddy - the only person who had come to see his solo. It was a beautiful moment and showed how much this mentor means to this young man.

(Story provided by Brenda Jensen, program director of Saratoga Mentoring, Catholic Charities of Saratoga, Warren & Washington Counties.)

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