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DACA Made Susan’s Dreams Come True

A story about Immigration and Refugee Services featuring Catholic Charities of Stockton

I am Susan Guzman, and I am a Mexican student studying and working in the United States of America. My dream is to become a teacher, but unfortunately, my dream seems to be illegal to pursue.

My stay in the United States was unauthorized. I came with my family in the spring of 2001. To fulfill my dream I needed to get a degree in education, and I needed to work in order to pay for tuition. However, I had no legal status. My situation prevented me from getting financial aid. I was not able to drive because I could not apply for a driver’s license. I could not afford tuition and school supplies. I was constantly anxious that I would be deported back to Mexico and my dream would be lost.

I knew that I had to find a solution to my problem. I did not want to stay illegally and lose everything. I heard about Catholic Charities Diocese of Stockton Legal Immigration Services in the Spanish Consulate in August 2013. I applied for the DACA program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). The program gave me permission to study and work legally in the United States. I now have a social security number, which allows me to have better opportunities. For example, I am currently employed at Amazon Company and I earn enough money to cover my education and living expenses. Being a participant in the DACA program allowed me to apply for student grants. DACA is a life changer, and I have already invited my sister to apply through Catholic Charities’ Immigration services. All in all, everything provided by DACA was crucial to me as a student and a worker. It has fulfilled many basic needs which I was striving to get.

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