Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds

Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, especially those with long-term capital gain, are popular gift assets because they may generate multiple tax benefits. These benefits include a charitable income tax deduction of the stock, bond, or mutual fund’s market value on the date the asset is received by CCUSA and no capital gains tax on the appreciation. Talk to your accountant or financial adviser about the benefits such a gift may provide for you.

Most stocks are transferred electronically. Share the following information with your stock broker or financial adviser to ensure your gift is transferred to CCUSA, or have your broker contact us if there is a question.


UBS Financial Services UBS Institutional Consulting – Menlo Park Team, 64 Willow Place, #200 Menlo Park, CA 94025

Helene Butler or Kateri Dodd

(650) 289-7000 or (800) 544-6611

Please instruct your broker to include your name and address when your donation is made.

Account information
Account Number: KP14600/SS  DTC Number: 0221

Depreciated Stocks
Have your stocks, bonds, or mutual funds declined in value? If so, you may find there is an advantage to selling the stock, bond or mutual fund, recognizing a loss, and then contributing the cash proceeds of the sale to Catholic Charities. Talk to your accountant or financial adviser about the best option for you.