The Catholic Charities Network

The Catholic Charities ministry in the United States is designed to help people in need at both the local and national level. Our 164 member agencies faithfully serve the unique needs of communities in 2,631 different locations, while our national office, Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA), supports member agencies through knowledge-sharing and network gatherings. CCUSA also brings the voice of the network to the national stage through advocacy, media initiatives, and other communication partners, while member agencies work to implement our policy advances on the ground.

Locations Outside the Contiguous USA

Local Service, National Impact

Our member agencies are active in virtually all 50 states and in five U.S. territories. Our extensive reach and diverse ministry means we can provide individual communities with services that truly reflect their local needs. Having a national office lets us take advantage of funds offered by organizations that want a single grantee that can reach multiple states. A large national ministry also means that when problems arise, Catholic Charities has key teams and services already in place and waiting to help.

  • 164 Member Agencies

  • 2,631 locations

  • 8.7M Individuals Served

Member Agency Story

Using Perseverance and Patience to Build Assets for a "Dream Home"

Catholic Charities Atlanta
A single mother living in the Atlanta suburbs used perseverance and patience to build her financial assets and eventually buy a home. Shadabeh K. and her daughter Kiyana were living off of the minimum-wage earnings of her big-box retail job, and never had enough money in the bank to think beyond the present day's needs. Catholic Charities Atlanta enrolled her in an Individual Development Account (IDA), which matche...
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