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Ending poverty starts with you — become a part of the movement to lift 45 million Americans out of poverty and help change the lives of millions of others in need.

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    The events that take a person from relative stability to a place of struggle, or even poverty, often happen quite rapidly and unpredictably. Your donations give us a flexible source of income — unlike grants or contracts that can be restricted to specific programs or activities — that allows us to quickly and flexibly meet unique or unexpected needs.

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    As a concerned constituent, you have a louder voice in Congress than even a national organization when it comes to directly communicating with your representatives — and you can use it to ensure that important issues are better received and addressed. Subscribe to Catholic Charities’ Washington Weekly to stay informed about advocacy efforts that could benefit from the power of your voice.

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    Catholic Charities agencies are located in communities across the country to help those in need regardless of background or religious affiliation, and volunteers play a pivotal role. Whether you are looking for help or wish to provide assistance, contact the Catholic Charities agency nearest you.

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