Sheltering Those in Need

We believe all people should have a safe, decent and affordable place to call home. Having such a place is critical to each person’s well-being and growth; it forms a stable foundation from which to lead a productive life.

The Problem

Homelessness or the risk of homelessness affects millions of Americans every year. Job loss, low wages, disability, substance abuse, family conflict, domestic violence and other factors contribute to the problem. While most people experiencing or facing homelessness are adults, particularly veterans, many of the homeless are families with children.

Our Approach

People face all kinds of situations that jeopardize their ability to maintain housing. In response, Catholic Charities agencies offer a spectrum of services to meet specific housing needs, including utility assistance, shelter services and affordable housing. Committed to safe, decent housing for all, Catholic Charities agencies:

  1. Work to prevent homelessness by providing financial assistance for rent, mortgage or utility payments; and by helping resolve issues that may lead to homelessness.

  2. Provide emergency shelter for people in a housing crisis and assist them in finding and keeping permanent housing.

  3. Offer a number of temporary, transitional, permanent and supportive housing options for seniors, individuals, and families; and for people who are disabled, chronically mentally ill or homeless.

  4. Provide families with counseling on home purchasing, home-ownership responsibilities, financing and foreclosure prevention.

Approach to Advocacy

Catholic Charities USA advocates for policies that increase families' access to safe, affordable housing, and that end homelessness. In particular, we call for the protection of resources for targeted housing vouchers, housing counseling programs, and programs established by the McKinney Vento Act. We also urge the protection of funding for the National Housing Trust Fund, ensuring its solvency to provide a new supply of housing for families who are most vulnerable.

Stay Informed, Show Your Support, Make An Impact

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The Impact

Because of the work of the Catholic Charities network, hundreds of thousands of people have safe, decent and affordable housing. In 2015, our network served more than 450,000 people with some kind of housing service, enabling them to live with dignity and stability.

  • 31K Housing Units

  • 180 Shelters

  • 450K People Helped