Providing Education & Training

We believe that people need and deserve meaningful learning opportunities in order to reach their full potential. When people have these opportunities, especially from a young age, they build a foundation for life-long learning that blesses and enriches their lives and the lives of their families, friends and colleagues.

The Problem

Many people lack access to quality educational opportunities or the supports needed to benefit from them. Low-income or minority children and youth often struggle in school, and many at-risk teens drop out of high school, limiting their personal development as well as their job opportunities. Further, many adults have not learned vital life, job, and relationship skills. Catholic Charities agencies work to remedy these situations with education and training opportunities.

Our Approach

Catholic Charities agencies provide learning opportunities for people all across the life spectrum, helping our youngest people succeed in school and helping our older people succeed in their jobs, families and lives. Believing in each person’s potential, Catholic Charities agencies:

  1. Provide quality childcare and early childhood education to ensure that children are ready to succeed in kindergarten.

  2. Offer after-school programs and tutoring to ensure that school-age children complete homework and master necessary academic skills, and that at-risk teens graduate from high school.

  3. Facilitate and support post-secondary education or training.

  4. Provide life-enriching adult education courses including GED completion, English language, computer literacy, parenting, healthy family relationships, child development, health and American systems.

  5. Offer life skills education, ranging from money management, home maintenance and cooking to resolving conflicts, solving problems and making decisions.

  6. Provide job skills education, job training, small business development and asset development courses to help people become economically secure.

Approach to Advocacy

Catholic Charities USA advocates to ensure high-quality, affordable education and workforce training opportunities are available to all, especially low-income families. Accordingly, we urge lawmakers to support policies and strengthen programs that improve access to high-quality early childhood education, increase high-school graduation rates--particularly for at-risk youth--and support completion of post-secondary degrees or other professional training programs.

Stay Informed, Show Your Support, Make An Impact

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The Impact

Because of the education and training opportunities offered by Catholic Charities agencies, pre-schoolers are ready for kindergarten, children excel in school and teens graduate from high school, ready to move on to college or training programs. Adults learn vital skills to secure good jobs, foster healthy and functional families, and lead successful lives. In 2015, Catholic Charities agencies provided education and training services to more than 656,000 people.

  • 2,608 Degrees Earned

  • 40,935 Children Educated

  • 17,339 ESL clients