"Foxes have dens and birds of the sky have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to rest his head." Luke 9:58

What We Do

Catholic Charities agencies serve at every point in the housing continuum: from providing affordable housing to conducting homeless outreach. From this wide perspective, we see the emotional, physical and financial toll being levied upon millions of families and individuals as a result of America's affordable housing crisis. Catholic Charities works to prevent homelessness by providing financial assistance for rent or utility payments. Catholic Charities also helps to resolve issues that may lead to homelessness.

Why We Do It

The benefits of having a stable, affordable home are well-known, for both individuals and society. Having a home means parents can maintain jobs, children can stay in the same schools, and the local economy is supported.

  • Catholic Charities agencies report that over 54,000 people are on housing/homelessness waiting lists.
  • Catholic Charities agencies have approximately 2,000 units of affordable rental housing under development.
  • Catholic Charities has experienced a 5-fold increase in rapid rehousing units  over a 3 year period.

““The lack of safe, affordable housing requires a renewed commitment to increase the supply of quality housing and to preserve, maintain, and improve existing housing through public/private partnerships…””

USCCB, Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship, 2011

Our Impact

Like the Lotus Flower, Female Vets Blossom from Hardship into a New Life

The Lotus Project for Female Veterans helps homeless female veterans rebuild their lives

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More Than Just a Roof

We shelter the homeless by working diligently for affordable housing for all

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Make a Difference

Become a part of the movement to lift 45 million Americans out of poverty and help change the lives of millions of others in need.