Employment and Job Training

A society in which [the right to work] is systematically denied, in which economic policies do not allow workers to reach satisfactory levels of employment, cannot be justified from an ethical point of view… Centesimus annus, No. 43

What We Do

Catholic Charities has prioritized the development of business ventures that advance a social mission, also known as social enterprises, through the following:

  1. Developing and scaling a portfolio of social enterprises owned and managed by Catholic Charities agencies across the country that provide training and employment pathways for people with barriers to employment.

  2. Expanding and replicating microenterprise programs that support low-income and underserved clients who are starting their own small businesses, a key building block for moving vulnerable populations towards a path of self-sufficiency.

Why We Do It

Research shows that employees of social enterprises make significant gains toward economic self-sufficiency and life stability in the areas of housing and income. At the same time, their reliance on government funds decreases.

“Through work each person must earn his/her daily bread and contribute to the continual advance of science and technology and, above all, to elevating unceasingly the cultural and moral level of the society within which he/she lives in community with those who belong to the same family.”

Laborem Exercens, opening paragraph

Our Impact

CCUSA Partners with SunTrust Foundation

CCUSA Partners with SunTrust Foundation to Help Catholic Charities Clients Start Microbusinesses

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Make a Difference

Become a part of the movement to lift 45 million Americans out of poverty and help change the lives of millions of others in need.