photo of Larry Snyder, President of Catholic Charities USA

White House Easter Breakfast Invocation

On April 5, Catholic Charities USA President Fr. Larry Snyder was honored to deliver the opening prayer at the fourth annual White House Easter Prayer Breakfast.  At the event President Obama and Vice President Biden joined Christian leaders from across the country who gathered to “pray, reflect and celebrate” the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Please find the full text of the prayer below as well as the full video of the breakfast.

Good and gracious God,

Our most glorious Creator,

As we greet the signs in nature around us of Spring once again regaling us in bloom,
In the songs of returning birds and fields soon to be planted,
We give you praise for an even greater sign of new life: the resurrection of your Son,
Our Lord Jesus Christ, that we especially celebrate at this time.

The sadness and despair of his death has given way to the bright promise of immortality,
For the Resurrection is our guarantee that justice will triumph over treason,
Light will overcome darkness, and love will conquer death.

As we celebrate we also dare to ask for your grace that we may live the promise given to us,
By imitating the life of Jesus in reaching out to the poor, the marginalized, the least among us,
As we strive to be neighbor to all those we meet.

We ask your special blessings each and every day on our President, Barack Obama.
Working with him may we strive to make this great country of ours a beacon of hope
And justice in a world hungry for peace and so in need of your love.

We praise you in this Easter season.  Change our lives, change our hearts to be messengers of Easter joy and hope. We make our prayer through Jesus Christ, our risen Lord forever.  Amen.

To see the 2013 Easter Prayer Breakfast, watch the video.