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A loving option

Adoption is a life-giving, loving option for the future of an unborn child. Coping with an unintended pregnancy begins with knowing the available options and finding support through difficult decisions. Across the country, Catholic Charities agencies provide pregnancy counseling and adoption services for individuals and families regardless of their religious, social, or economic backgrounds.

Pregnant? Catholic Charities Are Here to Help

At Catholic Charities, we truly care about expectant mothers, couples, and their families.  The issues surrounding pregnancy and adoption can sometimes be confusing but Catholic Charities are here to help, offering assistance in the extremely difficult process of deciding whether to parent or to make an adoption plan.  A loving option, adoption may be the choice that is best for expectant parents and their children, now and in the future. If you are pregnant, looking to adopt, or just have questions about Catholic Charities pregnancy support and adoption services, contact your local Catholic Charities agency. Catholic Charities USA is the National Office for the Catholic Charities network and does not provide adoption services for individuals.


Success Stories

Becky & Bryan family photo_NAM14


“We are so appreciative of the commitment and backing that we received from Catholic Charities, and that we continue to receive even though our adoptions are finalized.” Rebecca and Bryan Donatelli, Catholic Charities Diocese of Cleveland Read more of their story here.

“Crystal receives regular updates from the adoptive family and feels forever grateful for the opportunity she had to bless another family with a child. She continues to inspire other birthmothers and is always looking for ways to help those who are less fortunate than her.” Catholic Charities Southern Nevada Read more of Crystal’s story here.


Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley really helped answer a lot of questions for us, and our representative was very optimistic and positive. This process hasn’t been an easy thing, but it is the most joyful we’ve ever done.” Read more of “A Long Journey to a Loving Homehere.

“While working with Catholic Charities, Diocese of Norwich, I realized that we are able to deal with the challenges that life has dealt us. Adoption wasn’t the end of my relationship with my daughter; it was the beginning of her life with a family that givers her all that she needs and more.”  Autumn B. Trahan Read more of Autumn’s story here.


#NAM14 Trivia: Which president of the United States of America is adopted? President Bill Clinton!





AmeriCorps Peer Navigation Program

Military Families and Veterans often have difficulty accessing benefits and assistance because the “system” is so complicated and confusing.  Additionally, those with a military history report feeling misunderstood and unwelcome by mainstream social service organizations which don’t relate to the military culture.  The CCUSA AmeriCorps Peer Navigator program rises to meet these challenges.




AmeriCorps logoCCUSA AmeriCorps peer navigators can be found at the following CCUSA member agencies:  Catholic Charities, Diocese of Venice, FL.; Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Atlanta, GA; Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Boston, MA, Catholic Social Services, Fall River, MA; Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph, MO; Catholic Social Services of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, PA; Catholic Social Services of the Diocese of Scranton, PA; Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Charleston, SC; Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX; and Catholic Community Services of Western Washington.

For more information contact Rev. Ragan Schriver:

Asset Development

Asset building is an anti-poverty strategy that helps low-income people move toward greater self-sufficiency by accumulating savings and purchasing long-term assets. Helping people purchase an asset, as opposed to simply increasing their income, provides stability that may allow them to escape the cycle of poverty.

The CCUSA Asset Development Section links professionals and volunteers within the network that work across the continuum of services that include programs like: direct assistance, food support, public benefits, financial education, matched saving programs, VITA, housing counseling and housing development.  The section pays particular attention to programs that try to build assets which can provide a ladder to attain greater economic stability.

Disaster Operations

In times of disaster, the American Catholic community is here to help. Catholic Charities USA’s Disaster Operations coordinates the Catholic Church’s response to disasters in the United States and grants relief funds to local Catholic Charities agencies to support their relief efforts.

In 1990, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops commissioned CCUSA to respond to disasters in the United States. Ever since then, we have responded to disasters across the country, including the attacks on September 11, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the Gulf Coast oil spill, the impact of Superstorm Sandy and the recent Humanitarian Crisis at our nation’s borders.

Relief and recovery services are provided at the local level by Catholic Charities agencies across the country. These agencies provide critical services including emergency food, shelter, direct financial assistance, counseling, and support. These services are provided regardless of race, creed, or socio-economic status.


Catholic Charities USA responds to the unaccompanied minor crisis in McAllen, Texas:

Food and Nutrition

CCUSA believes that it is unacceptable in a nation as bountiful as ours that children, adults, and senior citizens experience food insecurity that puts their physical, mental and developmental health at risk. We support local Catholic Charities agencies across the country in their work to provide programs and services to families, children, and single adults struggling to afford food to eat.

Housing Counseling

Catholic Charities USA’s (CCUSA) Housing Counseling Program was launched in 1994 with support from the Fannie Mae Foundation.  The initial program of five cities has grown into a network of over 30 sub-agencies which now compose the CCUSA Housing Counseling Network (HCN).

Serving a Network of Agencies

As a national intermediary for HUD and NeighborWorks America, CCUSA administers Comprehensive Housing Counseling and National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling  grants for the CCUSA HCN.

Housing counselors in Catholic Charities agencies are trained to provide rental, homeless prevention, mortgage delinquency and reverse mortgage counseling, and other services. Housing counseling sub-agencies are the national “go to” agencies for services to the homeless and those in danger of homelessness.

Filling a National and Local Need

CCUSA’s HCN is able to fill a need on both a national and local level.  Due to the vast geographic coverage of the CCUSA HCN, national trends are reinforced by local housing market conditions. Issues affecting the real estate industry, specifically the homeownership industry, correspond to those seen in the rental, special needs, and homeless populations.  Housing on all levels is a significant factor in wealth building.

Geographic Areas Served

The geographic area served by CCUSA’s Housing Counseling affiliates covers 24 states representing both rural and urban communities. The CCUSA sub-agencies’ large coverage areas require careful planning and innovative strategies to ensure judicious use of scarce resources.

View our list of areas served.

Catholic Charities USA is the National Office for the Catholic Charities network and does not provide housing counseling services for individuals.  To find the agency closest to you that provides housing counseling, please  see the listing of HUD Certified Counseling agencies by clicking here.


Social Innovation

CCUSA supports innovative social service programs being run by agencies throughout its network through grants and award programs.  Whether it’s a new twist on providing a traditional service, or completely new ideas for reducing poverty in America, CCUSA member agencies are pioneering new methods to improve social services and make them more responsive to the needs of the people they serve. Learn more about CCUSA’s annual Social Innovation Award.

Threats to the Common Good

Poverty does not occur in a vacuum. In its work, CCUSA highlights the linkages between complex social issues and poverty in America, illustrating the interconnected nature of many social ills.

Climate Change

Being responsible stewards of God’s creation is not just an Earth Day slogan; it is a requirement of our faith. In its business operations and its advocacy efforts, CCUSA lives out our call as people of faith protect those hurt by environmental neglect and to protect the planet for future generations.

Human Trafficking

Every human being has the right to a life free from violence and fear. But the increasing number of victims of human trafficking show that for far too many, this fundamental right is being violated. CCUSA is proud to support its member agencies’ efforts to provide services to victims of this crime.

Racial Equality and Diversity

Catholic Charities agencies serve individuals and families who are marginalized by the combined, and often inseparable, evils of poverty and racism. These overlapping threats to the common good can be a significant barrier for those seeking to escape poverty, and CCUSA is committed to supporting efforts to promote justice and equality.


Youth Mentoring

Supportive relationships and role models are essential to helping youth stay in school. With this in mind, CCUSA has developed a network of 41 local agencies in 38 states providing youth mentoring. The purpose of this program is to prevent delinquency, truancy, drug use, gang involvement, teen pregnancy and other high-risk activities while improving school performance.

Targeted to at-risk youth, including the children of military families between the ages of 9 and 17 who live in areas of significant community disadvantage, the program uses trained adults to form nurturing relationships lasting at least twelve months. The National Mentoring Program has received a grant through the Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

View DOJ Mentoring Grant in a larger map

If you want to become a mentor and live in close proximity to one of the locations on the map please contact your local agency. You can also support this mentoring program with a donation to ensure that youth are receiving the best mentoring services from highly trained mentors. Donate here.


Success Stories








Mentoring Unites Us All” – Catholic Charities Louisville, KY


“When Someone Believes in You”Catholic Charities, Diocese of Metuchen, NJ

Mentoring Through Accompaniment” – Catholic Charities, Diocese of Trenton