A loving option

Adoption is a life-giving, loving option for the future of an unborn child. Coping with an unintended pregnancy begins with knowing the available options and finding support through difficult decisions. Across the country, Catholic Charities agencies provide pregnancy counseling and adoption services for individuals and families regardless of their religious, social, or economic backgrounds.

Pregnant? Catholic Charities Are Here to Help

At Catholic Charities, we truly care about expectant mothers, couples, and their families.  The issues surrounding pregnancy and adoption can sometimes be confusing but Catholic Charities are here to help, offering assistance in the extremely difficult process of deciding whether to parent or to make an adoption plan.  A loving option, adoption may be the choice that is best for expectant parents and their children, now and in the future. If you are pregnant, looking to adopt, or just have questions about Catholic Charities pregnancy support and adoption services, contact your local Catholic Charities agency. Catholic Charities USA is the National Office for the Catholic Charities network and does not provide adoption services for individuals.


Success Stories

Becky & Bryan family photo_NAM14


“We are so appreciative of the commitment and backing that we received from Catholic Charities, and that we continue to receive even though our adoptions are finalized.” Rebecca and Bryan Donatelli, Catholic Charities Diocese of Cleveland Read more of their story here.

“Crystal receives regular updates from the adoptive family and feels forever grateful for the opportunity she had to bless another family with a child. She continues to inspire other birthmothers and is always looking for ways to help those who are less fortunate than her.” Catholic Charities Southern Nevada Read more of Crystal’s story here.


Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley really helped answer a lot of questions for us, and our representative was very optimistic and positive. This process hasn’t been an easy thing, but it is the most joyful we’ve ever done.” Read more of “A Long Journey to a Loving Homehere.

“While working with Catholic Charities, Diocese of Norwich, I realized that we are able to deal with the challenges that life has dealt us. Adoption wasn’t the end of my relationship with my daughter; it was the beginning of her life with a family that givers her all that she needs and more.”  Autumn B. Trahan Read more of Autumn’s story here.


#NAM14 Trivia: Which president of the United States of America is adopted? President Bill Clinton!