Professional Interest Sections and Networks 

Professional interest sections and networks provide opportunities for professional development, networking, and resource sharing. Membership in professional interest sections and networks is free to all employees, volunteers and board members of Catholic Charities USA member agencies. Membership in Parish Social Ministry and Disaster Preparedness and Response Network is open to a broader network of individuals.


Aging Section

Connects staff at local Catholic Charities member agencies involved in the care of older adults and their families. Topics include nursing homes, home health care, wellness activities, housing, and the Older American Act.

Section contact Jane Stenson, 703-236-6237.

Asset Development Section

This section looks at a continuum of services from direct assistance, financial education, and matched savings to housing and provides resources to help its members build stronger financial security for their consumers.

Section contact Jane Stenson, 703-236-6237.

Catholic Identity and Mission Section

The Section provides support for staff involved in the integration of Catholic identity and/or mission in a Catholic Charities agency. The Section provides networking opportunities, professional resources, and opportunities for online discussions for the purpose of in-depth development and understanding of an agency’s Catholic identity and mission. Staff involved in the implementation of the CCUSA Code of Ethics are also invited to be part of this Section.

Section contact Kathy Brown, 703- 236-6245.

Children, Youth, and Family Section 

The Children, Youth, and Family Section is a forum for Catholic Charities USA members to provide information and networking opportunities through the use of best practices in the field related to children, youth & family services.  Recommendations of identified emerging issues and trends regarding children, youth and families are also discussed and shared amongst the group to enhance the service delivery within programs.

Section contact Marlesia Neloms, 571-814-4928

Development and Communications Section

Connects staff at local Catholic Charities member agencies involved in fundraising, marketing, communications, public relations, foundation and corporate support, web design, social media, and writing and editing.

Section contact Maria Gonzales, 703-236-6228.

Disaster Preparedness and Response Network

Brings together Catholic Charities network professionals involved with or interested in the Catholic Church’s response to disasters. Besides Catholic Charities personnel, the Network is open to staff from Catholic Church-affiliated organizations.

Section contact Fani Cruz, 703-236-6225.

Health and Behavioral Health Section

Connects staff at Catholic Charities member agencies who work on health and mental health related issues. These include patient advocates, nurses, physicians, lab technicians, dentists, and others who provide service at health and/or dental clinics. Home health aides, care managers, and others who provide in-home services to the elderly and disabled are also welcome.

Section contact Fr. Ragan Schriver.

Management and Administration Section

Connects staff at local Catholic Charities agencies involved in finance, administration, human resources, and mission integration.

Section contact Antonina Moulin, 703-236-6206.

Military Families & Veteran Providers Network

Created to provide comprehensive support for military families and veterans by helping service providers share resources, ideas, and best practices.

Section contact Fr. Ragan Schriver.

Newcomers Integration Section

This section supports the Catholic Charities community of staff and volunteers caring for and serving refugees and immigrants throughout all social services programs (mental health, housing, parish ministry, etc.)  We do this by providing networking opportunities, practical solutions and expertise for those who encounter or are working with this special population.

Section contact Jean Beil, 703-236-6229.

Parish Social Ministry Professional Interest Section

The Parish Social Ministry (PSM) Professional Interest Section connects people in parishes, dioceses, and Catholic Charities agencies who seek to strengthen partnerships between Catholic Charities and local parishes and/or strengthen local parish social ministry committees and initiatives.  Besides Catholic Charities personnel, the Section is open to any staff or volunteers from dioceses or parishes.

The PSM Professional Interest Section provides a monthly newsletter and professional development training opportunities, as webinars

Section contact Christina (Tina) Baldera, 703-236-6233. PSM resourcesPSM LinkedIn Group.

Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Professional Interest Section

The Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (REDI) Professional Interest Section of Catholic Charities USA is an affinity group for staff and volunteers from Catholic Charities USA member agencies and affiliates who want to advance racial equality, strengthen the inclusive nature of our workplaces, and enhance cultural competence in our client interaction. The Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Professional Interest Section serves as a forum for networking and professional development by sharing best practices, learning new skills, anticipating trends, group problem solving and as a resource for materials, training, and formation tools that reinforce inclusion and equality.  The Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Professional Interest Section of Catholic Charities USA provides newsletters and professional development training opportunities as webinars about various diversity issues.

Section contact Christina (Tina) Baldera, 703-236-6233. REDI Resources. REDI LinkedIn Group

Social Enterprise Network

The Social Enterprise Network combines the power of business with a mission-driven focus to address social needs and move toward sustainability.

Section contact Maria Gonzales, 703-236-6228

Volunteer Managers Network

The Volunteer Managers Network of Catholic Charities is an affinity group for staff and volunteers from Catholic Charities USA member agencies and affiliates who want to advance volunteerism as a practice and philosophy, integrate volunteers into daily operations, and promote the leadership of Volunteer Managers in organizations.

Network contact Marlesia Neloms, 571-814-4928. VMN resourcesVMN LinkedIn Group.

Young Professionals Network

A platform to network with other young professionals, share ideas and concerns, and explore opportunities within the Catholic Charities Network.

Network contact Julie Zorb, 703-236-6261.