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Week In Review

Today we celebrate World Refugee Day, a day where we recognize the courage, strength and determination of those forced to leave their lives behind due to persecution and violence. Many refugees seek asylum right here in the United States, and many of our local agencies have taken on the task to help these groups resettle and restart their lives. Today we review a few of our local agencies who are celebrating today and who serve refugees in their local communities everyday:
-Catholic Charities Center for Refugee Settlement and Support in Albuquerque is taking part in the naturalization ceremony for 23 immigrants and refugees today, and celebrating World Refugee Day, giving residents a chance to learn about their various programs.
-Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago offers refugee resettlement services and aids in obtaining employment for refugees in the area.
-Member agency Catholic Charities of Cleveland is recognizing refugees while celebrating and holding a naturalization ceremony for 30 immigrants and refugees who have resettled in Northeast Ohio.
-Catholic Charities Fort Worth helps refugee women make a living while utilizing their textile skills through the WORN program.
-Catholic Charities of Louisville has a migration and refugee program with services to help resettle families and provide ongoing social services and classes.
-Member agency Catholic Charities Archdiocese of San Antonio provides immigration and legal services to refugees navigating the immigration process.
Today we not only take a moment to pray for these people seeking a safe harbor, but also for the local agencies that aid refugees on their journey to that safety.