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Pacific Region Catholic Charities Agencies Receive National Recognition for Anti-Poverty Work

Two Catholic Charities running innovative anti-poverty programs in the Pacific region received national awards today for implementing innovative programs to combat poverty. Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA) presented CCUSA Social Innovation Awards to programs run by Catholic Social Service Kardiat and Catholic Charities Hawaii, recognizing their efforts to offer bold ideas and pursue new solutions to the problem of poverty in their local communities.

Catholic Social Service Karidat provides victims of sexual assault and violence with the support and guidance to turn recycled materials into individualized works of art. The handcrafts are sold at local stores, with 80 percent of all revenue going towards the women seeking to build assets and gain a fresh start in life.

Hale Wai Vista is an affordable rental project operated by Catholic Charities Hawaii that provides families living on the island of Oahu with a place to call home that is within their price range. The complex not only offers housing, but a unified center to access other supportive services, including health services, literacy workshops, legal aid, and nutrition services. Hale Wai Vista has units to house over 200 families looking to get their lives back on track.

The agencies received their awards at a CCUSA Partners in Excellence event held in Honolulu, Hawaii, as part of a series of events held to support local agency efforts. These gatherings bring together Catholic Charities leadership and staff from around the region for a time of learning and sharing of best practices. Two CCUSA Social Innovation Awards have been presented at each of the Partners in Excellence events, with two more gatherings scheduled for later this year.