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CCUSA and USCCB Address Senate Supporting Smarter Sentencing

Catholic Charities USA and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops sent a joint letter to the Senate today in support of the Smarter Sentencing Act (S. 1410), saying, “The bill is a modest first step in reforming our nation’s broken sentencing policies.”

“Our Catholic tradition supports the community’s right to establish and enforce laws that protect people and advance the common good. But our faith teaches us that both victims and offenders have a God-given dignity that calls for justice and restoration, not vengeance….

“Though imperfect, the Smarter Sentencing Act will help begin a long, overdue reform of our nation’s ineffective and costly sentencing practices. Pope Francis recently said, “God is in everyone’s life. Even if the life of a person has been a disaster, even if it is destroyed by vices, drugs or anything else—God is in this person’s life.” We join the pope by advocating for reforms to our nation’s sentencing policies that will lead to healing and restoration, rather than simply punishment.”

See the full letter sent to the Senate