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Catholic Charities of Hawai’i: Kim Winegar is the one who advocates and supports people with the least voice: people who are most vulnerable, people who want to do well and need somebody to give them the hope and confidence that they can do well in this community.
Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis: What makes Dr. Ulland truly an exceptional volunteer and doctor is that he’s not only a beautiful man, he’s kind, loving, dedicated – all of those things but he’s also a brilliant man.
Catholic Charities Community Services of Summit County: Among the great things that he adds to the team is the fact that his excitement, enthusiasm and his care for the folks out there, especially for the ones in need. Everything he does is because of his loving heart. And if you know Dominic Rizzo, you know what a great friend he is to the poor, and we appreciate all of his great work and his contributions.
Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Rockville Centre: In order to win and be successful in these cases, the assistance of highly specialized professionals is required, and that’s where volunteers like Tom McCoy make a great difference. Without their support, their belief in the mission of Catholic Charities, we would not be able to do this work.
Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Davenport: Glenn, thank you for staying involved and staying connected with local communities. Your involvement has allowed the Diocese to move effectively use disaster response resources, particularly after the devastating floods in 2008. Again, thank you!
Catholic Charities Jacksonville: I’ve never seen Elizabeth without a smile on her face, even when she’s doing something unpleasant like laundry. I couldn’t even imagine camp without her, and always making the hard times easier.
Catholic Charities of Camden: 'The Troops’ have worked collectively over 70 years volunteering for Catholic Charities, treating all of our clients that come in with the dignity and respect that they deserve.
Catholic Charities Pittsburgh: Alexis is a spiritual lady who has given with every breath. She’s patient, listens to you; gives you good advice and bolters your spirit. For sure, there’s a place in Heaven for her.  
Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Norwich, CT: Our Pregnancy Services found a young homeless woman temporary housing. While waiting for the birth of her baby, she completed our parenting classes and received a crib and layette for her newborn. After she gave birth, we purchased the necessary tools for her to get a job as a cosmetologist.      
Catholic Charities CYO, CA:  St. Joseph's Family Center provided Dana stable housing to keep her and her newborn off the streets while they transitioned into long-term housing.
Catholic Charities of Buffalo, NY: The Monsignor Carr Children’s Clinic in Niagara Falls, NY serves about 1,223 children a year. Although the actual cost for counseling services is $100 per a session, we serve people on a sliding scale that begins at $5 a session. Without these services, many more children would suffer from anxiety, depression and other forms of mental illness.
Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Monterey, CA: Thanks to Play and Art therapy, a young girl learned to cope with her brother's death.
Catholic Charities of Los Angeles, CA: Since its foundation in 1965, the Archdiocesan Youth Employment Services have served more than 75,000 disadvantaged youth in LA, providing them with the skills and supportive services necessary to attain that critical first job.  
Catholic Charities Albuquerque, NM: Mohammed and his family came from Iraq in December 2008 as refugees. He enrolled in ESL classes at Catholic Charities and became fluent in English, which helped him to be promoted to manager of a local restaurant.
Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri: We provided disaster case management services throughout southern Missouri following the 2011 floods and storms. In Joplin alone our case managers saw over 2000 households which equated to over 7000 individuals. We provided home repairs and rebuilds to families identified through case management.
Catholic Charities of the Diocese of St. Petersburg, FL: For 15 months Shane has been living at a Access to Recovery Facility in Tampa, where he receives daily treatment to remain sober. He recently got a job with the University of South Florida as a landscaper and is feeling confident and increasingly self-sufficient.
Catholic Charities West Virginia: Following his divorce, John lost custody of his children. Later, the DHHR found their mother to be neglectful and took the kids into custody. Our Case Management services are currently helping John to get his children back. DHHR says he will be reunited with his children in the very near future.    
Catholic Charities of Corpus Christi, TX: After her husband had abandoned her, a mother and her children were living on the streets. She visited our Emergency AID Department where she was referred to our Family Self-Sufficiency Program. She was given access to our wraparound services and qualified for a HUD Subsidy Apartment and received assistance with food, rent, and utilities, allowing her to find a full-time job.
Catholic Charities of Maine: The Greater Bath Elder Outreach Program matches caring volunteers with the elderly to provide companionship and support.  Jamie and Lou have remained friends for 6 1/2 years. If Jamie had not been there to help, Lou wouldn't have been able to attend her doctor’s appointments and visit her family and friends.
Catholic Charities Providence, RI: After her husband died, Cheryl needed help with the fees to maintain her physical therapy assistant's license while she searched for a job. Catholic Charities paid for the license and provided her a food voucher to help feed Cheryl and her child during the job search.  
Letter from DACA client: "Dear ILS of Catholic Charities of Dallas, I would like to thank the entire staff for helping me get my Deferred Action case opened. After I received news that my case was approved, I received a letter from USCIS for my biometrics. I went to take them and in two weeks I received my employment authorization card. Afterwards, I applied for my Social Security card, state ID, and driver license. I couldn't have been able to do all of this without the help from you all."
Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Omaha, NE: Our immigration services have helped 52 immigrants achieve U-Visa approvals, which provide a pathway to legal residency.  One successful U-Visa applicant was reunited with her son after 11 years.
Catholic Charities of Central Colorado: Keith was discharged from the military and was having difficulty adjusting to civilian life. He and his family came to us seeking rental assistance. We covered their rent for December, enabling them to stay in their townhouse while they got on their feet. Keith and his wife are now enrolled in school to achieve careers to better support their family.
Catholic Charities of Northern Kansas: Our client had burned his hands and upper forearms and was in ICU for 30 days. He didn't have short-term or long-term disability insurance. Through our Emergency Assistance program we helped him and his wife avoid eviction as he recovered.  
Catholic Charities of Central Colorado: We helped a young woman apply for an intensive out-of country waiver that reunited her with her mother, father and sister.
Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Fort Worth, TX: We removed a mouth full of cavities from a client and fitted her for dentures so that she is now proud of her smile and pain-free.
Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Harrisburg, PA: With the help of one of our corporate partners, we provided turkey dinners to 50 homeless families and a Christmas party for over 200 children.
  Catholic Charities of Southwestern Ohio: Pat had Friedreich’s Ataxia, a progressive neurological disorder which made speech and movement difficult, and contacted our Mental Health Services Program to help him cope emotionally with this debilitating medical condition. The counselor created an individualized treatment plan that pulled him out of depression and gave him the confidence to enroll in adult education classes at a local college.