Parish Social Ministry


Parish Social Ministry

"One of the most encouraging signs of the gospel at work in our midst is the vitality and quality of social justice ministries in our parishes."

-United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Communities of Salt and Light: Reflections on the Social Mission of the Parish, 1994.

Catholic Charities USA has provided national leadership in social ministry for U.S. parishes and their staff and volunteers since the 1970s.  Parish Social Ministry entails service by local Catholic parishes on behalf of the social policy priorities of the Catholic Church and engagement by parishes in the mission and work of local Catholic Charities agencies and programs.

Catholic Charities USA staff provides personal consultation to parish social ministers and local Catholic Charities staff on matters related to ministry and engagement.  CCUSA hosts a professional interest section for those representing Catholic Charities agencies, dioceses, and congregations interested in parish social ministry; produces resources for personal, parish, diocesan and agency use; and leads trainings on parish social ministry.  To join the Parish Social Ministry Professional Interest Section, click here.  To contact the CCUSA Parish Social Ministry staff, click here.  For parish social ministry resources, including the publication Parish Social Ministry Toolkit:  Getting Going, Ongoing, and Going Further and past parish social ministry newsletters, click here.