Council of Diocesan Directors


Council of Diocesan Directors

The Council of Diocesan Directors is comprised of executive directors of Catholic Charities member agencies across the country. 

Current members of the Executive Committee of the Council of Diocesan Directors include:

  • Member: Steve Letourneau, Portland, ME

  • Member: Laura Roesch, Dayton, OH

The bylaws of Catholic Charities USA state: "The heads of all Agency Members in good standing have a right to sit on the Council of Diocesan Directors. The Council of Diocesan Directors shall elect its leadership and be the vehicle to identify and recommend to the Governance Committee candidates for the Agency Members of the Board. While the Council of Diocesan Directors has no direct governance responsibilities, it should provide input and coordination between Catholic Charities USA’s office and the local Agency Members. The Council of Diocesan Directors will meet every Spring as well as at the Annual Gathering."

New Diocesan Directors Institute

Orientation for new Diocesan Directors is hosted by the National Office.  Contact Kristan Schlichte for dates and details. 

Upcoming Meetings and Events

Benefits for Catholic Charities Main Agency Members Include:

  • All Basic Member Benefits  
  • Combined Federal Campaign grants
  • Opportunity to Vote for Board of Trustee Nominees