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Superstorm sandy blog

Superstorm Sandy One Year Later: The Recovery Continues

It is hard to believe that one year has passed since communities from West Virginia to Connecticut were affected by the fury and might of Superstorm Sandy. I visited the areas affected shortly thereafter and it was impossible not to be struck by the awesome power of nature and its ability to wipe out entire communities. […]

World food day blog

In Celebration of World Food Day

Today we celebrate World Food Day, an opportunity for us to look at how the absence of this most basic necessity shapes the lives of our neighbors and how our individual and collective decisions affect justice in our food system. In a message this morning to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, our Holy Father, […]

political disagreements harming blog

Political Disagreement is Harming Those in Need

Three days after a shutdown of the federal government went into effect, our congressional leaders remain unable to reach a compromise to keep our government’s doors open. The impact of this shutdown is being felt in communities across the nation. While some may wonder what effect political disagreements in Washington, D.C., could have on people […]

happy birthday blog

Happy 103rd Birthday CCUSA

I am very proud to announce that today marks the 103rd anniversary of Catholic Charities USA. Officially founded in 1910 on the campus of Catholic University of America, our great organization was created to promote the diocesan Catholic charities bureaus both individually and as a whole. Historically we trace our history back to the Ursuline […]

Ag 2013 2

Opening Address at the 2013 Annual Gathering

At last weekend’s 2013 Annual Gathering I was fortunate enough to deliver the opening address. Below is an exerpt of my speech, and please click here to see the full version. Thank you again for all who attended and made it yet another wonderful Annual Gathering. “Good morning!  Let me offer my warmest welcome to all of […]

end to violence blog

Working for Healing and an End to Violence

Our hearts are filled with sorrow at the tragic events less than 24 hours ago in southeast Washington, D.C. Senseless violence, this time directed at the civilians and military personnel at work protecting our nation at Washington’s Navy Yard, has once again torn at the heart of a community and forever impacted hundreds of family […]

happy birthday blog

Praying for Peace

On this 12th anniversary of the September 11 attacks on our nation, our hearts are with the loved ones of those lost on that tragic day. Many of us, I suspect, recall exactly where we were when we heard the news, and our memory of that day has not faded with time. As we see the […]

praying for peace blog

Working to Make a Difference in the Lives of Human Trafficking Victims

A cornerstone of our Catholic faith is God’s call to offer a hand to those in need, which is why, at Catholic Charities agencies across the country, we are committed to sharing God’s love and mercy through programs that provide supportive and empowering services to our most vulnerable brothers and sisters. Among those are victims […]

50 years blog

50 Years Later, A Dream Lives On

Today, I and thousands of others will return to the site of one of the most iconic events in American history to celebrate its 50 year anniversary. In 1963, as a quarter-million people marched for civil and economic justice, a variety of civil and religious leaders took the stage to address the crowd and call […]

they ate and all were satisfied blog

"They All Ate and Were Satisfied"

One of my favorite Gospels is the feeding of the multitude. When thousands came to hear Jesus preach, he recognized their hunger for spiritual sustenance – and their physical hunger as well! In the multiplication of the loaves and fishes, we hear a story of faith and care for others, responding to the immediate needs […]