photo of Larry Snyder, President of Catholic Charities USA
Catholic Charities USA celebrates "Setting the Pace, Changing The Course" at its Annual Gathering in Charlotte, NC

An Unexpected Moment

When I arrived in Charlotte, I thought I knew what to expect. I knew that I could count on the 2014 Annual Gathering to showcase the Southern hospitality of the “Queen City,” provide a chance to re-connect with old friends and make new ones, and be an opportunity to learn from informative workshops and keynote [...]


Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

During my time as President, we’ve held the Catholic Charities USA Annual Gathering in Portland, Minneapolis, New Orleans, St. Louis, and many other communities, each eager to showcase what makes them unique and host the Catholic Charities network for a time to re-connect, learn, and share. This year, our network will come together in Charlotte, [...]


Supporting the working poor and those seeking work

We often hear that “the best program for fighting poverty is a job.” I agree. But for so many of those living on the margins of our society, a steady job that pays enough to support themselves and their families remains out of reach. This Labor Day, as we take time to recognize the value and [...]

Boot Camp 2014

Strengthening Our Mission Through Social Enterprise

A smartphone app. A retail furniture store. A mobile grocery store. Senior home care. A coffee shop and wine bar. These products and services may not seem to have much in common, but together they are examples of the power of social enterprise, the next generation of innovative anti-poverty programs and approaches. I just spent [...]

Twilight of LIfe

Caring for those in the ‘twilight of life’

On this day in 1935, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act, part of the “New Deal” that sought to alleviate the pain and struggles of American still suffering from the Great Depression. The National Conference of Catholic Charities, which would later be named Catholic Charities USA, was one of the organizations intimately [...]

Poverty in America

“In Faith, In Solidarity, In Service”

“Who are you with?” asked Raul L. Ortiz, deputy chief of the Border Patrol for the Rio Grande Valley, speaking in Spanish. “By myself,” Alejandro said, looking up at the man in the olive uniform and pulling a birth certificate, carefully folded, from his jeans — the only item he carried. “Where are your parents, [...]

Fourth of July

A Thoroughfare of Freedom

Every 4th of July, parades are held, barbeques are lit, bunting is strewn, and our nation takes a day to celebrate its birthday – the anniversary of the signing of a document that established our core principle that “all men are created equal.” But in addition to the celebration and the pageantry, Independence Day should [...]