Rev. Larry Snyder Issues Heartfelt Appeal to Remember and Help Care For All in Need

Rev. Larry Snyder, President of Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA), issued his annual Thanksgiving message today with a heartfelt appeal to remember and help care for all in need: “This uniquely American holiday is always a time to warmly gather with family and friends, to give thanks for life’s many blessings, and enjoy a bountiful harvest […]

Help Provide Turkey Dinners To Those Impacted By Sandy

This holiday season, Catholic Charities USA is helping restore one little piece of tradition for the thousands of families impacted by Hurricane Sandy and we need your help. Starting today, if you donate 15$, we’ll be able to provide one holiday turkey to a family in need.  For $45, you can help three families sit […]

An Update on Hurricane Sandy: My Visit to Agencies in New York and New Jersey

I’m always amazed by the strength of the human spirit. Having just returned from visiting Catholic Charities agencies in New York and New Jersey affected by Super Storm Sandy, I was touched by the acts of kindness and generosity I personally witnessed from staff, volunteers, and neighbors who just want to help those looking to […]

Walking in the Shoes of Those in Need

With over 46 million Americans living in poverty, it is a critical piece of our work to be able to internalize the struggles of our brothers and sisters in need as we continue our work to end poverty. If we take the time to put ourselves in their shoes, we gain the empathy we need […]

The Heroes that Surround Us

For most of us, the pain and tragedy of that cloudless day in September is still very raw. Reflecting on the eleventh anniversary of September 11th, 2001, it is impossible to forget the brave men and women who rushed in to the burning buildings to save those inside serving as heroes up until their last […]

Better Prepared

Seven years ago, our nation watched helplessly as Hurricane Katrina turned New Orleans and the Gulf Coast into a flooded disaster zone.   As I look back today, on Katrina’s seventh anniversary, wondering what Hurricane Isaac will bring, I take solace in the fact that our country and residents of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast […]

Gateway to Opportunities

We here at Catholic Charities USA are eagerly awaiting our upcoming trip to Saint Louis, Missouri, for our 2012 Annual Gathering. As someone who grew up in the Midwest, I’m excited to once again visit the glistening Gateway Arch, take in a Cardinals game, and experience the hospitality of our friends at Catholic Charities of St. Louis, […]

God Bless America; My Home Sweet Home

Independence Day is a day we associate with barbeques, fireworks, friends, family and…God? The last word shouldn’t throw you off.  We often forget how deeply religious the founding fathers were and how large a role their faith in God played in the drafting of the Declaration of Independence and the ultimate formation of the United […]

The Power of One: Feeding the Multitude

Imagine this: you’re at the Olive Garden with your family and friends, surrounded by other tables also full of family and friends, enjoying the restaurant’s Italian dinner specialties. But what if no one orders the Chicken Marsala that night? It used to be that restaurants threw away unused food every night, much of it perfectly […]