Monthly Archives: April 2012

Winning the Real Hunger Games

When I heard there was a movie called “The Hunger Games” I thought I was hearing an April Fool’s joke.  Those of us at Catholic Charities and thousands of churches and community groups around the country have seen far too many people who come to us because they are hungry. It’s no game for them. […]

An Easter Reflection on Luke

One of the most well-known Resurrection passages in the Gospels is Luke’s depiction of the disciples on their way to the village of Emmaus, some seven miles from Jerusalem, on the evening of that first Resurrection Day.  They are discouraged, confused and aimless as they recount to this unknown companion all the staggering events of […]

Do as I Have Done for You

Do as I Have Done for You In the Middle East of Jesus’s time, shoes were rare.  Sandals were the norm, or even bare feet. It was a warm climate, and dry. No need for the layers of socks and shoes and boots that we wear in the northern climate of the United States. In […]